Klipsch Heritage Series

Klipsch Heritage Series

Legendary power and performance

We now carry the full line of Klipsch Heritage series loudspeakers. When it comes to power and big sound, the American made Klipsch loudspeakers are legendary.

You may have seen Klipsch marketing material with the tagline “Pissing off the neighbors since 1946.” We’re smiling because that is spot-on advertising. Klipsch speakers are loud and proud and have a huge following of owners that have loved them for decades.

Klipsch built its name in audio thanks to great speakers like the Klipschorn, La Scala, and the Cornwall – all part of the Heritage series. Made by the hands of Paul Klipsch – genius, madman, maverick – who pioneered speaker technologies that have impacted generations of music lovers. While the Heritage series may date back to the beginning of Klipsch, it’s difficult to beat their performance still today.


Relatively “compact,” the Heresy III offers the greatest degree of placement flexibility in the Heritage series line. First introduced in 1957, the Heresy, a three-way design, started out as a compact center channel speaker to accompany the Klipschorn in three-speaker stereo arrays.

The Heresy III features a three-way design using horn-loaded Titanium diaphragm midrange and high-frequency compression drivers.  It has a direct-radiating 12-inch woofer for powerful low frequencies. 99 dB sensitivity delivers Smooth, dynamic and low distortion sound.

Klipsch Heresy III
KLIPSCH Heresy III $1,299 (Each)


The Forte III hosts a three-way design utilizing a 12” woofer and horn-loaded midrange and tweeter. The new Forte III has all new state of the art drivers including midrange and tweeter titanium compression drivers for a smooth and powerful response. The Forte III’s new midrange horn includes patented technology to improve coverage and control of the key mid-frequency band.

The Forte III is designed to fill large rooms with amazing sound without sacrificing too much floorspace. At a mere 13″ deep, the Forte III is the thinnest Heritage series floorstanding speaker  – yet still able to deliver incredible, robust acoustics.

Klipsch Forte
KLIPSCH Forte III $1,799 (Each)


The third edition of the Klipsch Cornwall speaker is better than ever before. The Klipsch Cornwall III delivers the full-range bass response of the Klipschorn with sensitivity and output approaching the fully horn-loaded models.

The Klipsch Cornwall III boasts a three-way design using horn-loaded compression drivers for the midrange and treble and a direct-radiating 15-inch woofer for the low frequencies.

Klipsch Cornwall
KLIPSCH Cornwall III $2,199 (Each)


The Klipsch La Scala II delivers the same sparkling highs, extreme output and unsurpassed low distortion bass response as the original design. It also continues to utilize the same horn-loaded drivers as the Klipschorn, making it highly efficient and able to produce high volumes with undetectable distortion.

The La Scala II is fully horn-loaded and has a 3-way system with a folded-horn 15″ woofer, 2″ midrange and 1″ tweeter compression drivers. It is capable of extreme output levels with ultra low distortion and astonishing dynamic range.

Klipsch La-Scala II
KLIPSCH La Scala II $3,999 (Each)


The granddaddy of all the Klipsch loudspeakers. The Klipschorn was launched in 1946 to enable people, for the first time ever, to experience the power, detail, and emotion of a live performance at home. Commonly called a corner-horn speaker, the remarkably uncommon Klipschorn includes a highly efficient horn-loaded tweeter and midrange compression driver. Its patented folded-horn 15″ woofer delivers powerful low frequencies.

KLIPSCH Klipschorn $5,999 (Each)




Sony 4K HDR Home Theater Projector

Sony VPL VW285ES Projector

Sony’s new game changer

What makes this Sony 4K projector so exciting? The VPL-VW285E is Sony’s first home theater 4K projector for under $5,000. For three-plus years, Sony has been the only manufacturer of true 4K projectors for under $30,000. Until now, Sony’s least expensive 4K projector was $7,999. Big screen 4K has never been more affordable!

But does it deliver? Oh boy and then some! Enjoy up to 200 inches in True 4K HDR in any room. With more than four times the resolution of Full HD, 4K delivers a picture that’s so incredibly lifelike; it’s like being in the scene or at the game. Experience the latest HDR content with an extremely wide contrast range and a greater volume of colors.

We want a big screen, a big, beautiful, lifelike picture, and the feeling of maximum immersion into the content we watch — whether that’s Game of Thrones, a great movie, or a football game. You can easily see the difference in picture quality when you step up to a big screen 4K TV. Now you can get the same stunning 4K picture quality on screens up to 200 inches from 8 feet away!

Some technical highlights:

  • 1500 lumens
  • Motorized 2.1:1 zoom
  • True 4K resolution
  • HDMI is 13.5 GHz
  • HDR content is DCI-P3 in a BT.2020 wrapper. (DCI-P3 is the movie theater standard.)
Sony 4K HDR Home Theater Projector
SONY VPL-VW285ES 4K HDR Home Theater Projector $4,999.99

Yamaha R-N803 Network Stereo Reciever

Yamaha R-N803

Beautifully brainy

The YAMAHA R-N803 streaming receiver was one of Jeff’s favorite new products at CEDIA this year.

The R-N803 is a powerhouse of smart design with superb drive power, Bluetooth and MusicCast for streaming, TV and turntable inputs, and it self-adjusts to produce the best sound for the room. All for just under $750.00. We like it!

YAMAHA R-N803 Stereo Receiver $749.95

Product Information

Yamaha R-N803 Digital Services

  • Front aluminum face with two channels of 145 W high-power output (0.019% THD)
  • Phono input terminals for turntables and optical/coaxial audio inputs for TV
  • Wireless Direct, Bluetooth®, AirPlay®, and Wi-Fi to access to your music library, Pandora®, Spotify, SiriusXM Internet Radio, TIDAL, and Deezer
  • YPAO™ – Yamaha’s acoustic optimizer with Precision EQ, Volume, and Reflected Sound Control
  • Pure Direct and ToP-ART design to faithfully preserve the integrity of your music
  • DSD 5.6 MHz, FLAC / WAV / AIFF 192 kHz / 24-bit, Apple® Lossless 96 kHz / 24-bit playback
  • Add audio in up to 9 additional rooms with MusicCast

High Precision, High Performance

The R-N803 uses the renowned SABRE 9006AS 192 kHz/24-bit DAC (from ESS technology) to deliver superior signal-to-noise ratio performance. Combined with the Yamaha original network module, the unit thoroughly draws out all the sonic merits of high-resolution sound sources, effectively reproducing even the subtle ambiance of concert halls and delicate, expressive nuances in the sound.

Yamaha R-N803 Inside

Stop by our showroom and audition the YAMAHA R-N803. Fans of vinyl and digital music will really love it.

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